Grapes: red wine grapes
Production area: C.da Cusatino Caltanissetta
Vineyard altitude: 550 mts above sea level
Types of lands: Clayey/ limestone
Farm system: Espalier guyot
Density of stumps: 3500 stumps for hectare
Production for hectare: 110 quintals
Grape harvest: first decade of September
Temperature of fermentation: 16° C
Wine-making system: soft pressure and white wine making for 15 days
Refine: 4 months in steel tanks,  2 months in bottle with a controlled temperature
Alcoholic content: 13.00 % Vol.
Organolettic features: his taste is intense and delicious with his cool pale yellow colour. It has a scent of coloured flowers mixed with white flowers and fruits.
Temperature: 14° – 16° C
Combination: perfect for aperitif and starters, light meals , fish and white meat.t

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