Welcome to the Lombardo Wine Company

A family, a story

For the Lombardo company, the wine tradition is a real family matter. For over two generations, the goal has been to perfect the cultivation of vines and the vinification of grapes to offer a high quality native product.

Our Wines

Careful selection of grapes and the refinement in the winemaking field allow us to produce a wine with a strong personality, full-bodied and with an elegant aroma


Farmers for over two generations

For over two generations, the Lombardo’s company has been taking care of a land with ancient roots and an extraordinary heritage. From the 60s, has produced wine which taste of history and Sicilian’s aromas 

Over time, the Lombardo company has received a lot of awards that reward work and family dedication. Each of these encourages them to improve more and more by turning new challenges into exciting adventures.

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